New Ipod Touch, iTunes and iPod Nano


First Response to the Nano: “whaaat?”
I would bet that I am not the only one surprised by the new Nano. It’s as if they chopped off the bottom and made it touchscreen. Which is basically what they did. About the size of the older shuffles the nano seems very cool but possibly too small for many to handle. I would suggest trying one out before purchasing it. As for the iPod Touch, it’s what we all expected. A front facing camera, retina display, all that is missing in design from the iPhone 4 is the square back. The “new” shuffle is basically back to it’s old look. iTunes 10. The logo is (excuse my french) shit. They took an awesome logo and killed it. However, iTunes Ping where you can share you purchases is pretty awesome. Overall mixed feelings about todays annoncements.


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