New Ipod Touch, iTunes and iPod Nano


First Response to the Nano: “whaaat?”
I would bet that I am not the only one surprised by the new Nano. It’s as if they chopped off the bottom and made it touchscreen. Which is basically what they did. About the size of the older shuffles the nano seems very cool but possibly too small for many to handle. I would suggest trying one out before purchasing it. As for the iPod Touch, it’s what we all expected. A front facing camera, retina display, all that is missing in design from the iPhone 4 is the square back. The “new” shuffle is basically back to it’s old look. iTunes 10. The logo is (excuse my french) shit. They took an awesome logo and killed it. However, iTunes Ping where you can share you purchases is pretty awesome. Overall mixed feelings about todays annoncements.


iLife X out Jan 27th??


An Add for iLife '09 hopefully we will be seeing '10 soon

Some are speculating that in addition to a new tablet, A new touch screen compatible version of iLife (iLife ’10 or iLife X as I like to call it) will be introduced. In adition to better face recognition on iPhoto, iLife would possibly add Blu-Ray and Music DVD compatibility, bass support in GarageBand as well as possible iTunes LP subbmission software for iDVD, aka you could build your own iTunes LP for your band, and submit it to apple for approval for the iTunes store. iMovie will also get a major overhall, focusing more on creating youtube and other video-sharing site material, hopefully 2 steps forward to make up for the “one step back” last update. Also possible is an iWork update, but don’t expect any drastic gain on Microsoft Office. Apple is known for its creative side, not its spread sheets

Pandora Radio

Computers Radio, a free internet radio service at, allows one to type an artist or genre and listen to similar music taken for the music genome’s database. For example, one can type in Eminem and hear music for Eminem, Jay-Z, Outkast, Young Jeezy etc. Any music genre or artist that has published music is most likely on this. This is one of the true internet gold-mines that many people still haven’t found. Check it out!

Apple Tablet


The Apple tablet, planned for release between now and January, and rumored to be priced between $500-$900, is planned to be one of the biggest technology releases in quite some time.

Apple Tablet

A guess at what the tablet may look like

College and high school students will be able to buy textbooks and novels over an online bookstore, use the stylus to make notes, and then transfer all of the information to their laptop or desktop. It will also allow much better drawing and AdobePhotoshop work that is difficult to control with a mouse.

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